Mortgage Renewal in Edmonton, AB

Over 60% of Canadians do not get the best mortgage rate at renewal time. Consumers typically just sign the renewal with their current bank rather than renegotiating better rates or terms. This isn’t the best strategy as you could be missing out on HUGE savings.

To transfer a mortgage renewal from one bank to another doesn’t cost you any money. Call your trusted Edmonton Mortgage Broker so we can get the process started and get you the best rate on your next mortgage renewal!!

Mortgage loans in Edmonton don’t have to be complicated!! We have top lenders and banks in Edmonton that will give you the lowest mortgage rate for your upcoming renewal. Shopping your mortgage 120 days before your renewal date is the best time to get started. We can transfer your Edmonton, AB mortgage to a better lender with lower rates free of charge.


Find the Best Edmonton, AB Mortgage Renewal Option

Reviewing your financing on a regular basis is very important, especially at renewal time. It provides you with an opportunity to save more money. We want to make sure you get the best mortgage rate but also the best product to fit your needs. I’ll explain the differences between banks and non-bank lenders. Show you how interest rate differential is calculated so you are never stuck paying a big penalty because you broke your mortgage early.

Lenders calculate their penalties very differently. Some base it on their posted rates while others use a contract rate. Basing a penalty on a posted rate means significantly higher penalties.

Completing a mortgage application early allows Mortgage Tailors to help you implement a strategy of your own. We’ll update you on relevant mortgage products and rates prior to renewal. We’ll review different payment options and mortgage rates to see what’s the best option for your Edmonton mortgage renewal.

Get the Best Mortgage Rates in Edmonton, AB

my job is to stay on top of all the lenders, products and current rates.

Renewing comes with an opportunity to assess your current mortgage and alter it to coincide with any new financial goals you have.

There are lenders who offer lower mortgage rates however they come with restrictions. These can include porting your mortgage, prepaying your mortgage or having inflated penalties if paid out early. I can help pick a mortgage product that fits your financing needs. The average homeowner stays in their home for 3 to 4 years, then either upgrades or moves to a new city. This is why we want you in a mortgage that holds low penalties if you pay it off early or sell your home. Remember I work for you, not the banks. I have a great understanding of all the lenders and the products they offer. I’ll explain it to you and let you choose the one that best fits your needs.

the reviews

Awesome personality on top of being very professional and committed.
Awesome personality on top of being very professional and committed. I really like the way she listens carefully, tries to understand the needs and goes over the requirements and responds back in a very clear and concise manner. Won't be hesitant to recommend her to all my friends.
Eva is the perfect combination of professional and personable.
Eva is the perfect combination of professional and personable. She helped me through all the paperwork and explain everything clearly; the news and the bad news. She is very efficient and responds to queries quickly. Highly recommended.
She made us feel comfortable throughout the entire process.
Eva was great to work with! She walked us through everything that we needed and made us feel comfortable throughout the entire process. She helped us choose the best option and was already quick to respond when we needed it. Thank you Eva!

Why not just sign the renewal?

Once you get your mortgage renewal offer, you need to decide whether or not to accept it depending on the interest rate offered. It’s highly unlikely that your current lender that offered you the best rate for your mortgage will offer you the best mortgage rate on your next term. Your best option is to have Edmonton Mortgage Broker Eva Neufeld shop different lenders to find an ideal mortgage product that fits your specific needs.

what we bring to the table:

How to Get the Best Mortgage Rate For Your Renewal

In order to get the best mortgage rate at renewal time, you'll want to consider switching mortgage lenders. Once you’re within 120 days of your renewal date, I can start shopping around. We have the ability to hold a new, special, rate for you until your renewal date comes around. If interest rates rise, you are protected. If they drop, you will always get the lowest rate available. You don’t want to switch before your current mortgage term is up because you'll incur a prepayment penalty from your current bank. Shop around near the end of your mortgage term so that you can choose a new lender with better rates and terms.


Mortgage Renewal

If you are looking for more information regarding a mortgage renewal in Edmonton? Mortgage Tailors is your local Trusted Edmonton Mortgage Broker. We help with renewals and securing the best mortgage rates.